Artemis Ritual and celebration!

A very nice, simple ritual to connect with the energies of Artemis. Perfect for Saturn having gone direct in Sagittarius – finding our strength, courage, and independence as we move into “rewilding”.


Today light a candle and celebrate Artemis!

The birth of the Greek moon-goddess Artemis (who also presides over hunting and wild beasts) has been celebrated each year on this day since ancient times. As a lunar goddess, she has been an influential archetype for many Witches and worshipers of the contemporary Goddess religion. Artemis is equivalent to the Roman moon-goddess Diana and is identified with Luna, Hecate, and Selene.

This is a quick ritual to do in honor of Artemis!

Gather together a green candle, incense, a square of green cloth and three silver pins. Cast Circle and stand before your altar. Light the green candle and stare into the flame, recalling images of the forest. Imagine Artemis striding through the forest with her silver arrows on her back. Visualise yourself walking alongside Artemis, feeling her power radiating through your body. Take three deep breaths.

Take a silver pin and…

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The Beginning

white light at the edge of time

bold paper hearts unfolded

revealing their indigo sheen

the butterflies

of tomorrow


truth spills out in dance
lust, secrets, his eyes
the things that hold her ransom

First Kiss

bring the horizon nearer to my lips
I long to indulge in the
effervescence of stars –
peach champagne
and the taste
of you


intoxicate me
with the synergy of you,
with your wilds and sweet charms,
that sly grin and
bright eyes that soften
with the wandering of fingertips
across our hands
the nape of the neck
caving waists and grasping arms
resistance dissolving into
a luscious mess
of lips and skin
as we descend deeply
into drunkenness


Echoes in a crystalline heart
singing bowls
the golden strands of your voice
surely Heaven
must sound
like this


henna dance on silky skin
strong elegance alive with swirls
the way I imagine your fingers
would trace its sensual symbols
just there


Plain and proper popples awed
by outlandish Northern Lights
So brash, and yet they too longed
to flash their truest colors
audacious rainbow skin

The Dance

gypsy hips
sway and mesmerize
weaving star magic
with every pulsation –
sweet undulations
his undoing

Looking to the future…

Fabulous read!